Smug asshole who loves Hame. My fav song is The Wire.

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thank u for saving bi lions

Photo by Aaron Webber

Anonymous asked: why the fuck your blog feels like club to hang out. is this some spiritual shit

Damn that man can smolder. Just saying.


Famous Viners?


Anonymous asked: danielle is rude even in dreams oh my

its probably from all the bullying 

Anonymous asked: happy birthday fartface you have the best icon


again guys thanks for all these birthday messages!!! You’re all fucking awesome 

portal-seventeen asked: Your choice of avatars for this blog has improved my life.

i try my best 

Anonymous asked: So you're my fave haim blog and I just love the other non haim stuff thAt you blog but then you blog the 1975 and I'm just like nooooo whyyyy. I can't stand them. But tbh I'll never unfollow you cause you're hilarious and such an awesome person and you love haim. You're like the best blog. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

awww thanks man, this means a lot :)))

also thank you for not unfollowing me 

Anonymous asked: Is it your birthday still??! Am I too late?? Idc happy birthday!!!

about 5 mins left hahah but thank you!! :))